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Cult of Mac

Forget the iWatch, Swatch planning its own smartwatch for 2015
Cult of Mac
Last week there were rumors that Swatch might be partnering with Apple to work on its iWatch project. Swatch quickly denied the report, saying that the only business relationship Swatch has ever had with a mobile phone maker is to supply integrated ...
Swatch plans to produce a fitness-focused smartwatch by 2015Neowin
Swatch to release a fitness-tracking smartwatch by 2015Shiny Shiny
Swatch Touch to gain fitness tracking capabilities in early 2015Android Headlines - Android News
NDTV -Firstpost
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Yahoo Tech

What Your Favorite Websites Look Like on a Smartwatch
Yahoo Tech
In lieu of a review, I thought I'd present a taste of what some of your favorite sites look like on an Android Wear smartwatch. You obviously won't be able to interact with these images from the comfort of your home office, but you're not missing out ...
Google on Your Wrist! Meet Android's Two Newest
LG G Watch: First impressions reviewIBNLive

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New York Times

LG's Smartwatch Shows Android Wear Operating System Has a Long Way to Go
New York Times
GOOGLE has a new operating system for wearable devices like smartwatches. It's called Android Wear and it works like a miniature version of an Android phone on your wrist. One day, it will do a lot of things, from telling your Nest Thermostat (also ...
Google's Smartwatch OS: It's Like 1975 All Over AgainYahoo Tech
LEAKED: Here's What The Next Google Smartwatch Will Probably Look LikeBusiness Insider
Did HTC just leak its own smartwatch?TechRadar UK
Android Headlines - Android News -SlashGear -ZDNet
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The Guardian

Apple Granted Patent For 'iTime' Smartwatch Design
Apple has never publicly acknowledged that it's working on a smartwatch, although it's widely expected that an ?iWatch? could be introduced as soon as this September. On Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a Patent to Apple ...
Patent application reveals Apple's 'iTime' smartwatchThe Guardian
Apple gets patent for 3-year-old smartwatch design labeled 'iTime'PCWorld
Apple granted comprehensive 'iTime' smartwatch patent with in-strap circuitry ...Apple Insider
Register -Ars Technica
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Why the Moto 360 is the Smartwatch to Beat Right Now
Motley Fool
The smartwatch looks like the next hot trend in consumer electronics. But if you take a look at the different varieties offered on the market right now, there's a chance that you might feel like a cyborg. Considering their square, chunky design ...
Moto 360 Watch Price, Release Date: Google Android Wear Smartwatch Set For ...KDramaStars
Why the Moto 360 is the best Smartwatch.The Gamer Headlines
The Moto 360 will be the first Android Wear smartwatch to come with an ambient
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GeekWire Radio: Fire phone, iPhone 6 and Microsoft's smartwatch, with Essex ...
We get a glimpse of the future this week on the GeekWire radio show, talking about Amazon's newly released Fire phone, the widely rumored iPhone 6, and Microsoft's unannounced smartwatch ? with some Windows Phone thrown in for good measure.


Swatch Group denies working with Apple on smartwatch
Technology website VentureBeat said in a report on Wednesday Apple was working with "at least one partner, Swatch" on a smartwatch project, citing an unnamed source. A spokeswoman for Swatch Group said on Thursday the report was unfounded.
Swatch Denies It's Cooperating With Apple on SmartwatchBloomberg
There's no Swatch in your future iWatchBGR
Swatch denies working on smartwatchIndependent Online

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Samsung Gear Live vs Pebble Steel Smartwatch Comparison
Gotta Be Mobile
The Pebble Smartwatch and the Samsung Gear Live present different approaches to the smartwatch. The Pebble hit Kickstarter and instantly rose to the top of the list of Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns. Samsung joined the smartwatch club with the ...

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Here's what an Apple smartwatch could look like
Washington Post
Four months after Google announced Android Wear, a mobile operating system for wearable devices, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved a patent from Apple for what appears to be a smartwatch. There are rumors that Apple will launch the ...
Jimmy Kimmel Proves No One Understands SmartwatchesMashable
Watch People Fawn Over an Apple Smartwatch That's Actually a $20 Casio with ...WebProNews
Apple Inc (AAPL) 'iTime' Patent: Another Possible Hint at Smartwatch ReleaseTech Insider
Inferse -Upstart
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LG's Android smartwatch a first in Singapore
SINGAPORE ? Smartwatches have been touted as the next big thing after Google announced Android Wear in March to help the development of smartwatches. And as Apple is still keeping mum over its rumoured iWatch, LG's G Watch is the first Android ...
Watch a Tesla Model S Controlled With an Android Wear Smartwatch [Video]autoevolution
Swipify simplifies switching between apps on Android WearAndroid Community
Best Android Wear AppsPhones Review
The Australian -Ubergizmo -WhaTech
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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Review: This Is The Mainstream Smartwatch For The ...
Announced alongside the Samsung Gear 2 (reviewed perviously here on Forbes), the Gear 2 Neo can be brutally described as the 'cut down' version of Samsung's Gear 2 flagship smartwatch. By stripping the two mega-pixel camera out of the hardware, and ...
Is this our first look at HTC's Android Wear-based smartwatch?TechRadar UK
Believe the hype: Smartwatches can deliver on their potentialThe Next Web
The Best Android Wear Smartwatch Apps So FarTom's Guide
Mashable -Digital Trends -Tech Times
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New York Magazine

Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch?
New York Magazine
And then there's the smartwatch?the gadget nearly every big tech company is betting on in unison. Google's new operating system for watches, Android Wear, was the star of this year's developer conference. Samsung has five smartwatches already in ...

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This Smartwatch Concept Projects Notifications Directly Onto Your Hand
While smartwatches could make us even more addicted to the online world, a wristband concept device called the Ritot could take constant connectivity to the extreme by projecting the time, incoming calls, emails and notifications from Twitter and ...
Smartwatch Projects Messages Onto Your HandsChinatopix
The Ritot Smartwatch Indiegogo Campaign Raises Red FlagsBlackberry Cool

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Now Control Your Tesla Model S Via Your Android Wear Smartwatch
The company's latest party trick allows users to controls their $86,000 Model S with an Android Wear smartwatch. While that may sound amazing (and dangerous), the only things owners will be able to do with their smartwatches is - Lock and unlock the ...
?Now You Can Control Your Tesla With Your SmartwatchJalopnik
You Can Now Command The Tesla You Probably Don't Have With The ...TechCrunch
Control your Tesla Model S From your Android Wear Smartwatch with Tesla ...Android Headlines - Android News -What Mobile -Android Community
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CloudTweaks News

The Evolution Of Smartwatches
CloudTweaks News
At Google's annual developer Conference, Google I/O, they announced a new smartwatch software platform 'Android Wear,' which supports many of the popular smartwatches on the market, and is closely linked with your Android smartphone, allowing you to ...

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The Android Wear Review: Google's Vision Of A Smartwatch Is A Tantalizing ...
Just as Google presented the world with their vision of a modern mobile operating system in Android, the Mountain View based company has delivered a vision of wearable computing. In Android Wear Google is again doing the hard work for companies by ...
Hands on with a Google-powered smartwatchCNNMoney
Android Wear: the nine best free apps for Google's smartwatchThe Guardian
Wolverton: LG's new Android smartwatch not ready to wearSan Jose Mercury News
Mashable -TIME -TechHive
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Smartwatch in video not 'an actual product': HTC
China Post
In an official video entitled ?HTC Design ? Behind the Scenes? released on YouTube earlier this month, some viewers noticed a mysterious smartwatch on the desk of an HTC employee and another on a monitor in an HTC office. The Taiwanese handset ...


Here's what we know about Apple's new smartwatch
Washington Post
Apple hasn't officially announced its new smartwatch, but the company has left a trail of breadcrumbs with hints about what we can expect from its first new major product line since the iPad came out in 2010. Here's what's been reported. Apple is ...
This is what luxury watch executives think of your 'cheap, plastic-designed ...TechHive
Report: Exec from Swiss watch maker joins AppleUSA TODAY
Apple gets Tag Heuer senior executive onboard for a premium smartwatch debutFirstpost
Daily News & Analysis -Arirang News (subscription)
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HTC says smartwatch in video not 'an actual product'
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, July 28 (CNA) HTC Corp. said Monday that the smartwatch seen in one of its recent commercial videos is not an actual product it is planning to release. In an official video entitled "HTC Design - Behind the Scenes" released on YouTube earlier ...

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Android Headlines - Android News

Smartwatch Comparisons: Samsung Gear Live vs Qualcomm Toq
Android Headlines - Android News
Here is our first comparison with a Qualcomm Toq ? the first and only smartwatch by the popular designer of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that are used in most of the top flagship smartphones ? Samsung, LG, HTC and more. Qualcomm only ...

The Guardian

Steve Wozniak: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is 'worthless'
The Guardian
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak describes a Samsung smartwatch as ?worthless? and says he could only stand using it for half a day. Wozniak says he loves the idea of a smartwatch and bought the £300 Samsung Galaxy Gear, released in September 2013, ...
Samsung Gear Live Review: Samsung's Smartwatch First Mover Advantage ...TechCrunch
Google's New Smartwatches Can Do Everything, And That's Their Biggest ProblemBusiness Insider
How to Set Up Your Android Wear SmartwatchPC Magazine
NDTV -InformationWeek -Gizmag
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Above the Law

Today's Tech: A Florida Civil Litigation Attorney And His Smartwatch
Above the Law
In recent months, Rick has written about how he uses a smartwatch in his practice, a concept that intrigues me, since wearable technology is the next stage of mobile computing and will undoubtedly influence the practice of law. I recently caught up ...

Yahoo News

I Bought a Google Wear Smartwatch with My Own Money. Here's Why.
Yahoo News
Some inside baseball: Most of the tech experts who have reviewed Google's new smartwatches were either shipped loaner units to try or just handed devices at the Google I/O developers conference, where Android Wear was officially launched in June.
what can Google's new smartwatch do?
Inside a smartwatch: Hackers reveal what really goes into LG's $230 Android ...Daily Mail
Samsung and LG launch new smartwatches. Is this the year you'll want to buy ...Washington Post (blog)
CBS News -Fox Business
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Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch Full Review: Is It Good for Business?
If you use your smartphone for work, you know what it's like to miss an important phone call or email. Without question, Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch solved that problem for me, making it virtually impossible to miss an alert. Plus, the watch sports ...
Samsung Offers Tizen Upgrade for Android-Running Gear SmartwatcheWeek
Samsung offers its Tizen OS to original Gear smartwatch ownersGreenbot
Samsung Galaxy Gear Update to Tizen OS Starts Rolling-Out in the USNDTV
Hallels -Shelbyville Times-Gazette -Digital Trends
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Gigglebit: Casio or Apple smartwatch?
... they're holding the latest Apple product. US chat-show host Jimmy Kimmel sent his team to the streets with a number of old Casio watches that cost US$20. The team stuck Apple logos on the watches and told the public they were the new Apple smartwatch.

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Daily Mail

Is Microsoft's Smartwatch Even a Smartwatch?
The smartwatch market is starting to heat up after last week's Android Wear demonstration at Google Google I/O. With two new, buzzy watches hitting stores on July 7, it's inevitable that Google's biggest competition ? Microsoft Microsoft and Apple ...
Microsoft Smartwatch Will Reportedly Have 11 SensorsMashable
Microsoft's smartwatch could be first to sync with Windows, Android AND iOS ...Daily Mail
Microsoft's Cross-Platform Smartwatch Might Be Here In OctoberGizmodo
TechRadar UK -NDTV -mobihealthnews
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Apple lands patent for iTime smartwatch: Nothing truly impressive compared to ...
Tech Times
The smartwatch market is increasing with competitors, but so far, one key company is missing, and that's Apple. However, Apple might not be missing in action for too long after the company was recently granted a three-year old smartwatch patent that ...


Razer Nabu Gets Headstart In Smartwatch Race With China's WeChat Platform ...
In what looks to be a distinct head start in the smartwatch race, Razer today announced the Nabu would be the first smartband in the world will be fully integrated with Tencent's messaging platform WeChat, which has over 400 million daily active users.

Why the 6-month-old Pebble Steel is still the best smartwatch
The recent Samsung Gears and LG G Watch are water-resistant, and can be showered with, but forget about diving in a pool. Now, I don't know if I'd really recommend swimming with any smartwatch long-term, but the fact that the Pebble can survive a dunk ...

Jimmy Kimmel pranks strangers with a fake Apple iTime smartwatch
Jimmy Kimmel is the best in the business when it comes to making unsuspecting passersby look like complete morons. On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel's crew took to Hollywood Blvd. with Apple's unreleased iTime smartwatch, first ...


iWatch: Why It Has to Be The Perfect Smartwatch
Let's go over four reasons why the iWatch can't be a dud, particularly focusing on expectations set by the company, set by Wall Street and set by Apple's closest competitors that have already launched smartwatches and other wearables. We'll also look ...
Microsoft reportedly has a worthy iWatch rival in the worksBGR

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Tech Times

VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch
PC Magazine
The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch ($59.99) is a camera watch that has a clock function built in. Unlike the LeapFrog LeapBand, the Kidizoom Smartwatch isn't meant to be an activity tracker for kids. Rather, it's part of the Kidizoom camera collection ...
VTech's Kidizoom Smartwatch Takes Photos, VideoTom's Guide
VTech debuts smartwatch for the younger crowdTech Times
VTech®'s Innovation Shines With Kidizoom® Smartwatch: World's First ...MarketWatch
Bloomberg -Techlicious (blog)
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Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 Smartwatch Brings Voice Call Function
The Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 has a 1.5-inch touch screen display which enables users to read or write SMS and even browse the web. This smartwatch can also be paired up with Android smartphones in order to view call logs, receive calls, read and write ...

Google and Samsung come to blows over conflicting smartwatch plans
Samsung Gear Live smartwatch with Android Wear GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG reportedly are at each other's throats again, and this time it's about smartwatches. That's according to The Information (paywalled), which reports that Google CEO Larry Page and ...

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Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch With Voice Calling Launched at Rs. 3999
Spice Retail has launched its first smartwatch, the Spice Smart Pulse M 9010. The smartwatch features dual-SIM support along with voice calling. Priced at Rs. 4,999 (MRP), the Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 will be available with an MOP of Rs. 3,999 via ...
Spice launches Smart Pulse dual-SIM smartwatch for Rs 4999Tech2
Spice Smart Pulse M9010: Spice launches SIM-enabled smartwatch that also ...IBNLive
Spice Smart Pulse is a $67 smartwatch that makes phone calls (in India)Liliputing
Gizbot -PCQuest -Livemint
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Moto 360 smartwatch to be the first Android Wear smartwatch to sport an ...
Despite the fact that LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are already available, many of you are still waiting for that beautiful third Android Wear device. Moto 360 is supposed to launch this summer and according to the latest information it's about to ...

Apple iWatch Set To Rock Smart Watch Market
Top Tech News
That survey reveals 14 percent would buy a $350 smart watch from Apple. Piper concluded that a $200 iWatch would be even more appealing. Ultimately, 41 percent of those surveyed said they wouldn't buy an Apple smart watch no matter how little it costs.

Microsoft smart watch? Nah! Expect a health-focused smartband
Tech Times
For those hoping for a smart watch from Microsoft, well, consider keeping the excited feeling under wraps for now. From what we can tell, it appears Microsoft is hard at work on a smartband instead of a smart watch, and only time will tell if that's ...

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This smartwatch projects notifications to your hand
Would you wear a smartwatch that didn't have a face? The Ritot watch looks like a fitness band, but offers a clever twist to smartwatches by ditching the standard watch face and projecting the time and other notifications to the top of your hand. The ...
Forget smartwatches, this is the wrist-worn wearable you needBGR
Ritot: A smartwatch that projects notifications onto your hand is a ...The Next Web
Ritot Smartwatch Uses a Projector Instead of a Display, Info Projected on the ...International Business Times AU
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Will Microsoft's Smartwatch Be Smart Enough?
All the cool kids are making smartwatches, which means that Microsoft (MSFT) wants to make one, too. The word on the street is that Microsoft's take on the smartwatch will arrive in October. It won't be a chunker like Google's (GOOG) Android Wear units.
Microsoft smartwatch to work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devicesFirstpost
Microsoft's Smartwatch Could Launch Around The Same Time As The iWatch ...Business Insider
Microsoft Smartwatch? More Like a SmartbandTom's Guide
Tech Times -Mashable -Engadget
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