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The Guardian

Apple gets patent for 3-year-old smartwatch design labeled 'iTime'
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office served up further evidence on Tuesday that Apple is designing a smartwatch when it awarded the company a patent for a wrist-worn gadget with a touchscreen and ability to communicate with a smartphone.
Apple Granted Patent For 'iTime' Smartwatch DesignForbes
Apple gets patent for WRIST-PUTER: iTime for a smartwatchRegister
Patent application reveals Apple's 'iTime' smartwatchThe Guardian
Apple Insider -Bidness Etc -The Independent
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Yahoo Tech

Google's Smartwatch OS: It's Like 1975 All Over Again
Yahoo Tech
Suppose you were asked, today, to write a review of the IBM 5100 personal computer. How would you rate it? Google's Smartwatch OS: It's Like 1975 All Over Again. Or suppose Motorola introduced its DynaTAC cellphone today. Would you buy one?
LEAKED: Here's What The Next Google Smartwatch Will Probably Look LikeBusiness Insider
Did HTC just leak its own smartwatch?TechRadar UK
LG G Watch vs Pebble: The simple genius of a not-so-smartwatchZDNet
TechnoBuffalo -BGR -Droid Life
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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Review: This Is The Mainstream Smartwatch For The ...
Announced alongside the Samsung Gear 2 (reviewed perviously here on Forbes), the Gear 2 Neo can be brutally described as the 'cut down' version of Samsung's Gear 2 flagship smartwatch. By stripping the two mega-pixel camera out of the hardware, and ...
Believe the hype: Smartwatches can deliver on their potentialThe Next Web
HTC's Android Wear smartwatch may look like thisDigital Trends
Android Wear Developers Can Soon Create Custom Smartwatch FacesMashable
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Only one of iTime smart watch inventors still at Apple
SAN FRANCISCO ? Two-thirds of the brainpower behind Apple's iTime smart watch patent no longer work at the company, but are working at rival Google. Apple on Tuesday received a patent for an electronic wristwatch that in some drawings was labeled ...

Apple iTime smartwatch detailed in patent
The patent, dated as filed on 20 July, 2011 and granted on 22 July of this year, includes numerous details about the much-rumoured "iWatch" product. Specifically, that it could act as a device that displays messages and alerts received by a connected ...


Apple posts biggest jump in profit in 2 years, readies iTime smartwatch
Apple is also widely believed to be gearing up to release a smartwatch, a move that would mark the first time the company has entered a new device market since Tim Cook replaced Steve Jobs as CEO nearly three years ago. Jobs died in October 2011 after ...
iWatch Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Fall, November 2014 Launch for Apple's ...The Epoch Times
Apple's Latest Earnings Report Hints at New ProductsMashable
Apple profit climbs along with iPhone salesArab News

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Times of India

Apple awarded patent for 'iTime' smartwatch
Times of India
"The central portion can include a touchscreen display, control circuitry and a battery," the smartwatch patent paperwork stated. "The touchscreen display can be configured to present visual information to the user and to receive user input from the user."

Business Insider

Apple Granted Patent For 'iTime' Smartwatch
Business Insider
The patent documents an ?iTime? wearable device that has small touchscreen device and can be docked into a wrist strap turning it into a smartwatch, connecting to an iPhone, iPad or computer to access information and receive alerts. The touchscreen ...

iTime: Smartwatch Patent Shows Apple's Broad Ambitions
This morning the folks over at AppleInsider discovered that Apple was granted a patent today for the iTime, which can only be described as a device-connected smartwatch that offers advanced functionality like arm and wrist gestures, as well as advanced ...

Air Herald

Can Motorola Moto 360's Refined Looks Help Make Smartwatches Mainstream?
Air Herald
If there's any smartwatch that has excited imaginations this year, it will have to be the Moto 360. Among the first generation of Android Wear watches announced, the device is, simply, unrivalled when it comes to looking like a gadget even fashion ...
Moto 360 might be the best smartwatch around ? Release Date and FeaturesYoung Herald
Moto 360 Price Speculations, Key Features, Strategic Release Date, Design: A ...International Business Times AU

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Christian Science Monitor

New patent reveals Apple's plans for iTime smart watch (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
The Apple iWatch (or is it iTime) could come loaded with sensors, according to a newly awarded patent. By Jill Scharr, Tom's Guide July 22, 2014. close. This diagram from Apple's newly awarded patent shows a theoretical iTime smart watch. Tom's Guide.

Apple gets patent for 'iTime' smartwatch
Detroit Free Press
Apple's new watch won't be the first smartwatch. Samsung and LG just introduced new devices using Google's Android Wear technology, and others first hit stores in 2013 from Pebble and Martian. The patent filing was first disclosed by the AppleInsider blog.

Apple 'iTime' patent details a modular smartwatch with sensors in the band
A new Apple patent for smartwatch designs and features is bound to fuel more speculation about an incoming "iWatch," even though such claims often amount to nothing. Still, the patent is interesting on its own merits. One version shows a receptacle ...


Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch Full Review: Is It Good for Business?
If you use your smartphone for work, you know what it's like to miss an important phone call or email. Without question, Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch solved that problem for me, making it virtually impossible to miss an alert. Plus, the watch sports ...
Smartwatch Comparisons: Samsung Gear Live vs Pebble SteelAndroid Headlines - Android News
Samsung offers its Tizen OS to original Gear smartwatch ownersGreenbot
Samsung Offers Tizen Upgrade for Android-Running Gear SmartwatcheWeek
Hallels -NDTV -Shelbyville Times-Gazette
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This Smartwatch Concept Projects Notifications Directly Onto Your Hand
While smartwatches could make us even more addicted to the online world, a wristband concept device called the Ritot could take constant connectivity to the extreme by projecting the time, incoming calls, emails and notifications from Twitter and ...
Smartwatch Projects Messages Onto Your HandsChinatopix

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Apple Secures Smartwatch Patent
Apple, expected to launch an ?iWatch? later this year, landed a sweeping patent covering a ?wrist-worn electronic device.? The tech giant on Tuesday was granted U.S. Patent No. 8,787,006, covering an electronic wristwatch that could work in conjunction ...

Apple Officially Granted Patent for 'iTime' Smartwatch, Device Due for Early 2015
We finally have conformation, techies! Apple received a patent from the USPTO, providing proof that the Cupertino company has been working on a smartwatch device to add to their collection of gadgets. Even better: The smartwatch's release date is in ...


G Watch Review: A Smartwatch Worth Buying?
There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market right now, but I'd argue there aren't many that nail each one of my needs. Either a watch fails to impress with its design, it doesn't have quite enough battery life, there aren't any apps or the ...


Was an HTC smartwatch just leaked via video?
HTC has made no bones about their wearable ambitions; they've just not given us much to go on. A new video, highlighting something else entirely, may have given us our first look at their incoming smartwatch. A bit of crafty product placement may ...

5 hints about ?iWatch? from the Apple smartwatch patent
The UpTake: Report back to your ?iWatch? rumors posts immediately. Apple just received a patent for smartwatch technology that could signal that the timepiece of tech geeks is on its way. A pple was granted a patent for multiple types of smartwatch ...

Apple patent from 2011 reveals 'iTime' smartwatch design with detachable ...
The Next Web
An Apple patent filed in January 2011 for a ?wrist-worn electronic device? has been published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Referred to as iTime, the patent's accompanying diagrams reveal a smartwatch with a square face and ...


Apple patent filing reveals ideas for a smartwatch labeled 'iTime'
According to a graphic from a comprehensive patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, Apple was considering smartwatch features and construction in 2011 under the moniker ?iTime.? Although the smartwatch computer rumored to ...


Apple Gets Patent for Smartwatch Dubbed iTime
The United States Patent and Trademark Office confirmed the industry's worst kept secret Tuesday by granting Apple a patent for a smartwatch called iTime. Apple has never publicly confirmed it's working on a smartwatch, but rumors of an ?iWatch? have ...


An official video gives a glimpse of the HTC smartwatch
The weraables category is being explored by all big manufacturers, and there are no brownie points for guessing HTC is working on a smartwatch too. The rumour is further sparked not by a leak, but HTC's own video that gives a glimpse of the watch.

HTC 'accidentally' reveals smartwatch in official video
In the video, which was released on 9 July on HTC's official YouTube channel, a square watch face can be seen; it looks likely that it's HTC's new smartwatch, which the company has claimed will launch this year. The watch appears at the 35 and 43 ...

Crave Online

Patent Reveals Apple's iTime Smartwatch
Crave Online
Though they've never officially announced that they are working on a smartwatch, patents made public overnight have unveiled Apple's plans for a new device dubbed iTime. ?The invention pertains to an electronic wristwatch,? reads Apple patent paperwork ...

Apple's Smartwatch Patent Reveals New Features and Possible 'iTime' Name
In The Capital
Apple's latest smartwatch patent gives the clearest picture yet of the tech giant's vision of wearable technology. The highly anticipated "iWatch" may actually end up getting called "iTime" according to one of the drawings in the patent and include ...

Apple's patent for 'iTime' smartwatch revealed
The wristband diagrams contain a space to slot a portable music player into, which is labelled in one image as iTime. Apple has never formally commented on its rumoured development or name of a smartwatch, which has become widely known as the iWatch ...

Is the 'iTime' Apple's second smartwatch?
As the age of the smartwatch begins, everyone is keeping a close eye on Apple. Considering the outrageous success of the iPhone, analysts and consumers alike believe that Apple might be able to turn the wearable industry on its head with a device that ...

New York Magazine

Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch?
New York Magazine
And then there's the smartwatch?the gadget nearly every big tech company is betting on in unison. Google's new operating system for watches, Android Wear, was the star of this year's developer conference. Samsung has five smartwatches already in ...
Man tries wearing smartwatches for a week, still finds them virtually uselessBGR

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Wall Street Journal (blog)

Apple Granted Patent for Smartwatch Device
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Apple was granted a patent Tuesday for a smartwatch that could receive alerts for calls and social media messages, give GPS data, play media, sense physical data, and be controlled with gestures. The patent application for the device, labeled iTime in ...

Apple snags smartwatch patent
GMA News
Apple snags smartwatch patent. July 23, 2014 1:49pm. Apple has obtained a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a smart wristwatch with support for arm gestures and circuitry built into its strap. US Patent 8,787,006 describes a wrist-worn ...


iWatch could land as Apple iTime smartwatch, patent suggests
Apple iWatch rumours have been doing the rounds for a number of months, but now an Apple patent has surfaced suggesting the company might have an entirely different name for its first smartwatch. According to a 2011 filed patent, which has surfaced ...

Apple gets patent on iTime smart watch
IDG News Service - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office served up further evidence on Tuesday that Apple is designing a smart watch when it awarded the company a patent for a wrist-worn gadget with a touchscreen and ability to communicate with a ...

AAPL: Apple Wins Patent for iTime Smartwatch
The design shows a device with a square screen, an accelerometer, a GPS receiver, Bluetooth and vibration. The patent filing also listed the device as being able to connect to a smartphone and work on its own. This includes storing data on the device ...

Apple's "iTime" Smartwatch Patent Covers Gesture Control, Smart Wristbands
The Escapist
There's been no shortage of Android Wear news from Google this summer, but we've heard nary an official peep from Apple about its presumed foray into the smartwatch market. But the silence has seemingly been broken for the moment, as Apple Insider has ...

Apple wins patent for a second smartwatch, the 'iTime'
The Patent Office has just granted Apple a patent for another smartwatch. In the patent application, Apple refers to the device as the ?iTime.? The watch looks more like a standard wristwatch than the much-hyped ?iWatch.? But in this watch, the whole ...

iWatch or Moto 360: Which will be the better smartwatch?
Ecumenical News
The ground is breaking yet again for the best smartwatch matchup of the year: Apple's iWatch versus Android-powered Moto 360. Of the two, there are more concrete expectations and confirmed specifications for Moto 360, which was formally presented ...

Did HTC leak its own Android Wear smartwatch?
In that video there's a little something that's gone mostly unnoticed by the world: a couple small glimpses at what could very well be an upcoming HTC smartwatch. Just three days ago, evleaks posted a picture of what is said to be a render of HTC's ...


The Android Wear Review: Google's Vision Of A Smartwatch Is A Tantalizing ...
Just as Google presented the world with their vision of a modern mobile operating system in Android, the Mountain View based company has delivered a vision of wearable computing. In Android Wear Google is again doing the hard work for companies by ...
Hands on with a Google-powered smartwatchCNNMoney
Android Wear: the nine best free apps for Google's smartwatchThe Guardian
Wolverton: LG's new Android smartwatch not ready to wearSan Jose Mercury News
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