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Microsoft reportedly ready to launch smartwatch in weeks
The tech giant is expected to launch a smartwatch in the next couple of weeks that will have health-tracking capabilities, including a heart-rate monitor, according to the report, which cited unidentified sources. The device will reportedly be capable ...
Report: Microsoft is about to jump into the smartwatch frayTechHive
Microsoft plans to launch smartwatch within weeks: ForbesReuters
Microsoft smartwatch could beat Apple Watch to marketGeekWire
Forbes -The Inquisitr
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Sony SmartWatch 3 Hits Google Play Priced at $250
At $249.99, the SmartWatch 3 costs the same as the incredibly popular Moto 360, but some would argue that it isn't quite equipped to compete at the same level. It's not as pretty as Motorola's device, and despite being designed primarily for sporty ...


Blocks: A customisable, modular smartwatch
Also, because smartwatch technology is so new, there are new versions of products being released every few months, so the sustainability angle that modularity brings would also be a huge plus," wrote designer Hakeem Javaid on the Phonebloks blog.

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Fitbit enters the smartwatch game with the Surge 'fitness superwatch'
Marketing materials leaked to The Verge reveal that Fitbit is preparing to enter the smartwatch market with the Fitbit Surge. The device is being marketed as a "fitness superwatch" and builds on Fitbit's existing fitness wearable pedigree. Priced at ...
Report: Fitbit Surge Is a $250 Fitness-Focused SmartwatchGizmodo
Report: Fitbit preps the Surge, a $250 fitness smartwatchDigital Trends
Why Isn't Fitbit Jumping On Apple Inc.'s HealthKit Bandwagon?Motley Fool

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Samsung Gear S smartwatch with cellular connectivity could have its own plan ...
iTech Post
The smartwatch market is on the rise and Samsung is one of the companies that want to take advantage of the flourishing wearable device industry. The company has already launched several smartwatches, but its latest - the Gear S - is the most interesting.
Sprint Service Plan For Samsung Gear S LeakedUbergizmo

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Sony SmartWatch 3 arrives in the Google Play store
The wearable gadget is priced at $249.99. The price tag positions the IP68 certified Sony SmartWatch 3 as a premium Android Wear offering - it costs as much as the Moto 360. The exact launch date of the smartwatch is yet to be revealed. We doubt it ...
Sony's SmartWatch 3 lands on Google Play Store for $249The Verge
Sony Smartwatch 3 makes its debut in the Google Play storeTechRadar UK
Sony SmartWatch 3 hits the US Play StoreTrustedReviews
T3 -Geeky gadgets (blog) -AfterDawn
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Luxury goods maker LVMH eyes smartwatch partnership
In a Wall Street Journal interview published Friday, LVMH watch division head Jean-Claude Biver said his company is currently in "some talks" about partnering with a tech company to build a smartwatch. He noted that "maybe in nine months, we will have ...
LVMH: It May be Time for a SmartwatchWall Street Journal (blog)
Apple has LVMH on the Run as they Unofficially Announced they'll be entering ...Patently Apple

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Take off this smartwatch and it turns into an actual phone
Smartwatches are all the rage, but with many of them you still have to take your phone out of your pocket to take a call. That's where .klatz comes in: a stiff aluminium bracelet rather than a watch face with a flexible strap -- because when you ...
.klatz smartwatch works as a handset when it's off your wrist (crowdfunding)Liliputing
This bracelet doubles as a smartwatch and a handsetDeccan Chronicle
.klatz Works as a Smartwatch and a HandsetHeadlines & Global News
Telecompaper (subscription)
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A Smartwatch That Projects Buttons Onto Your Skin
But what we really need is a bigger screen, a larger watch that would allow us the richness of interaction we're looking for. You might think a bigger screen would undermine the very existence of a smartwatch, but researchers from Carnegie Mellon disagree.

Wall Street Journal (blog) finally unveils the Puls wristband - don't call smartwatch
Daily Mail, the director of creative innovation at Intel showed off his smartwatch for the first time on Channel 4's Alan Carr: Chatty Man, as well as using it during The Voice. During the show, told Alan Carr: 'I don't carry my phone anymore ... Launches Puls, a Smartwatch That Doesn't Need a SmartphoneWall Street Journal (blog) Launches a Smartwatch, Puls, Which He Calls 'a New Type of ...Yahoo Tech
Here's's New Smartwatch 'PULS'Business Insider
The Next Web -Load The Game -TechRadar UK
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FileHippo News Set To Unveil His Very Own Smartwatch
FileHippo News
The Black Eyed Peas front-runner is back, this time with a smartwatch to take on the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. has been showing the new device off on Alan Carr's Chatty Man and on his own live show, where he DJ'ed on his watch.


Microsoft set to unveil its wearable smartwatch "within weeks", will run on ...
Earlier in the year, it was reported that Microsoft was working on a smartwatch, or more fitness band which would run on all the major mobile platforms. Today, another report which backs up that claim goes one step further by claiming that the device ...

Technabob (blog)

Smartwatch Projects Buttons on Your Arm
Technabob (blog)
It wasn't long ago that I was thinking about how a purpose-built gaming smartwatch could incorporate a controller without being a bulky and annoying POS. Depending on how responsive this is, we might have an answer with this prototype watch that was ...

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Business Insider

Why You Should NOT Be Excited About's New Smartwatch
Business Insider
Today is the big day for pop star turned tech entrepreneur He's finally unveiling his mysterious smartwatch, a new piece of wearable technology that he has been teasing for months. Last month, spoke about the current generation of ...

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Look Out Apple: Marc Benioff and Will Launch A Smartwatch On ...
Business Insider
In a long-awaited move, is expected to officially launch his smartwatch in San Francisco on Wednesday. Oddly, this will not be related to Apple's event this week. On Thursday, Apple is expected to launch new iPads, Macs, and a new OS. But ...

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TechRadar UK

Microsoft has laid the groundwork for a smartwatch with Windows 10
TechRadar UK
Samsung has devoted considerable resources to its watches ? the Gear Fit, focused more on sport, and the Gear S, a more traditional watch ? which raises the profile of the smartwatch space, getting them into the hands of consumers through bundles with ...

Fast Company

What Makes Smartwatch App Developers Tick?
Fast Company
Look around in a public space, and you probably won't see any smartwatches. Despite all the buzz about wearables in the tech world, nascent platforms like Android Wear, Samsung's Gear line, and Pebble are fighting over a tiny group of early adopters.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Appears In Play Store, "Coming Soon" For $249
Android Police
Yeah, that went well. 2014-10-17 17_51_48-Sony SmartWatch 3 - Devices on Google Play. The SmartWatch 3 has the same basic internals as most of the other Android Wear watches including a Snapdragon 400, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and so on.


Sony SmartWatch 3 Features, Specs, Price, Release Date: Will It Cost Less Than ...
The Japanese tech giant Sony is giving priority to the US market, as they are focusing on the wearable devices. Recently the smart wristwatch has significantly achieved popularity in the US region user and Sony has decided to expand their own smart ...

Daily Mail is set to launch his smartwatch, which can make calls
Daily Mail
Smartwatches are coming in many shapes and sizes but only a few - such as Samsung's Gear S and the forthcoming Apple Watch - allow people to make calls. Now musician and technology entrepreneur is set to reveal a rival which will let people ... to go head to head with Apple in smart watch
Well.i.never,'s smartwatch could feature a brand-new streaming music ...Digital Trends challenges Apple with new smartwatch launchAl-Arabiya
International Business Times UK -Hallels -International Business Times AU
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TechRadar UK

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Will be Powered by... Tizen?
When Blocks revealed itself earlier this year, its modular smartwatch was still just a concept. Nine months later, you still can't actually buy the device, though the company is making solid progress towards a planned launch next year. The company had ...
This is the smartwatch you'll build yourselfTechRadar UK
Blocks modular smartwatch lets users decide the featuresAndroid Community
Modular smartwatch runs Tizen on EdisonLinuxGizmos
SlashGear -Ubergizmo -Wearable Technologies
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Smart Youths Create ?Spark? Smartwatch That Keeps People Awake
For folks who fear nodding off on the job or during class, the team at Blanc believes their smartwatch can solve the problem. At last night's Getgeeked gadget show in New York, CEO Eddy Zhong, a 17-year-old high schooler, showed off his startup's Spark ...


Microsoft's latest Android Wear app tries your finger for smartwatch typing
Microsoft Research may have a solution for text input on small smartwatch screens, and it's using Google's Android Wear platform to test it out. The company has developed an ?Analog Keyboard? app for Android Wear, letting users string words together by ...
Microsoft's Android Wear keyboard lets you draw letters on your smartwatchThe Verge
Microsoft keyboard for Android Wear will let you draw on your smartwatchTech Times
Microsoft's smartwatch keyboard looks shockingly usableThe Tech Report, LLC
Android Community -International Business Times, India Edition
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Blocks' modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone
Blocks first unveiled its modular smartwatch with a plan to use Android Wear, much as Project Ara smartphone will use a special version of Android. However, there has been a change of plans -- and it's good news if you're not of the Google persuasion.


Samsung's new flexible battery could fix the smartwatch's biggest issue
You know, for somebody who doesn't even really want a smartwatch right now, I feel like I've been writing a lot about them lately. Despite the fact that I don't fancy smartwatches in their current form, I do think that the development of the gadget is ...

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Sydney Morning Herald

Google Play edition section gone from Play Store, Sony SmartWatch 3 added to ...
9 to 5 Google
Sony's new SmartWatch 3 is now listed under the outlet's Android Wear section for $250 and marked as ?coming soon.? In addition to some new products, Google quietly removed its Google Play edition category, moving the vanilla Android-toting HTC One ...
Google Adds Plenty to the Play Store, Removes Google Play Edition SectionAndroid Headlines - Android News
Google shows off latest Android OS, Nexus devicesTotal Telecom
Android L/5.0 release date and new featuresPC Pro
Know Your Mobile
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Blocks' Modular Smartwatch Designs Teased In New Video
TechCrunch (blog)
One of the more interesting wearables lining up to challenge the Apple Watch next year is Blocks, a modular smartwatch conceived by a couple of students from Imperial College in the U.K. ? in turn inspired by the Phonebloks/Google Project Ara modular ...
Blocks, the awesome modular smartwatch, is one step closer to realityBGR
Blocks Modular Smartwatch Design Unveiled in New VideoGeeky gadgets (blog)
A closer look at the awesome Blocks smartwatch, a serious Apple Watch rivalRecombu
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This smartwatch makes your arm a touchscreen
Aside from perhaps fashion and price being the biggest barriers to entry, the fledgling smartwatch market still has one large hurdle to overcome: the small size of the screen makes interacting with the device more difficult than interacting with other ...


This Smartwatch Tells You When You're Spending Too Much Money
Smartwatches are known for not only telling time, but tracking your daily activities ? steps taken, calories burned, hours slept. Now, a new device called the Cash smartwatch monitors another thing you might not always think about: your budget. It ...
New CASH smartwatch tracks daily

all 3 news articles »'s Puls smartwatch is coming to O2
PC Advisor
Although O2 has confirmed it will stock the smartwatch, it has only said that it will be available in the 'coming months', and there is no price either. "We're committed to bringing our customers the latest and most innovative devices and with Puls ...

PC Advisor

Sony SmartWatch 2 vs Sony SmartWatch 3: Price
PC Advisor
The SmartWatch 3 will cost ?229.99, and we're predicting the UK price to be around the same mark, or possibly slightly lower. This is a clear 100 more expensive than the current street price of the SmartWatch 2, but roughly on par with current ...

Android Headlines - Android News

Samsung Gear S Tizen-Based Smartwatch Launched at Rs. 29500
Apart from launching the Galaxy Note 4 in India, Samsung also launched the Gear S 3G-enabled smartwatch that was unveiled ahead of IFA 2014. The Gear S has been priced at Rs. 29,500 (MRP), and Samsung estimates a market operating price of Rs.
Benchmarking The Smartwatch MarketSeeking Alpha (registration)
Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Launched In India For INR 28900 ($470)Android Headlines - Android News
Samsung's Tizen Powered Gear S Smartwatch Launches For Rs 28900Gizmodo India
Gizbot -TechVorm
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Omate's Lutetia is a smartwatch that women may actually like
Samsung, Pebble, LG and others may have already released a good handful of smartwatches, but most are too bulky or masculine, and we've yet to come across one that's dedicated to the ladies. That's about to change thanks to Omate, whose team of ...
Omate Lutetia is the rare smartwatch that's just for womenPCWorld
Omate's Lutetia is a round-faced smartwatch aimed at womenGizmag
The Omate Lutetia adds a woman's touch to the smartwatch crazeDigital Trends
Mobile World Live -Android Headlines - Android News -Load The Game
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This Is The Only Smartwatch That Matters
It's the "No Charge Smart Watch." It uses Bluetooth to put email, call, and SMS alerts on your wrist. And whereas existing smartwatches like the Moto 360 can't make it a day before plugging in (and the Apple Watch's runtime is still undisclosed but ...
Moto 360 Circular Display Smartwatch Priced at Rs. 17999 on FlipkartNDTV
Motorola launches Moto 360 smartwatch at Rs 17999 in IndiaIBNLive
Moto 360 smartwatch selling on Flipkart for Rs 17999Firstpost
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Sony's SmartWatch 3 Appears on US Google Play Store
This price is hardly surprising, it's around the mark of all of the new Smartwatches that are hitting the scene rocking Google's Android Wear, however initial impressions aren't too favourable to the SmartWatch 3, with most commentators agreeing that ...


Everything You Need to Know About's Smartwatch
Apple is launching its much-anticipated smartwatch in early 2015, but rapper/tech evangelist will.i.a.m is hoping to beat the company to the punch. The artist (who was a guest at Apple's unveiling earlier this year) is planning to debut his own long ...
Performer Unveils Smartwatch At San Francisco Dreamforce ConferenceCBS Local

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Blocks Modular Smartwatch Has Modular Modules
Technabob (blog)
The same company has now unveiled plans to make a modular smartwatch called blocks. The idea is that you can pull out one of the modules and update it as you want and include the features you want in your smartwatch. The prototype blocks watch has a ... enters smartwatch market with standalone 'Puls' device
Digital Trends, a man who appears to have a finger in just about every pie ever baked, has just launched a smartwatch called Puls. First revealed back in April, the new device is a standalone product, meaning it requires no smartphone tethering to operate ...

Sony Smartwatch 3 now at the Google Play Store, coming soon
Android Community
Sony has made its desire known to be a major player in the burgeoning market of wearables. Its newest effort is the svelte and sleek-looking Sony Smartwatch 3, which follows in the trail of Motorola's relatively successful round-face Moto 360. As part ... is launching his smartwatch this week
Engadget must have solved whatever has delayed his smartwatch's original July debut, because he's launching it this week and proving it's not vaporware. The musician will finally make the big reveal on Wednesday night in San Francisco during ...